Risks and life choices

Well things have been busy. I quit my day job as of Monday but I do have somewhere else to go but doesn't offer the same hours, but the best part is it opens up a chance to do more photography. I decided to take a risk and it has paid off so far, and has also paved the way for something interesting and cool on the horizon (photography related) but I'll keep that hush hush for a little bit :D

I also have had the chance to take in the sun recently as its spring here atm so as I was enjoying the day and out of the corner of my eye I could see that I was being stalked but some hungry ducks. Apparently if you sit down they think you have food or something and before I knew it I was surrounded by sneaky ducks.

They were very cute and would come up very close so I snapped this shot. I know its not the best composition etc but I found it cute :)

So I'll leave you with this cute little fella