I thought I'd post what gear I've had over the years :)

My 1st ever camera was a Sony Cybershot point and shoot :) it came with me everywhere! I shot everything lol

When I finally upgraded I used Nikon, mainly because my brother (who is also a photographer) used Nikon for years, I purchased a D300. It wasn't bad but my favorite piece of equipment was the 105mm macro lens....damn I miss that lens!

But to be honest the Nikon never felt quite right in my hands, I just wasn't comfortable, but then I held a Canon and it just felt..right.

I sold all my Nikon gear to buy my 1st Canon which was a 7D and a 24-105mm L series lens and then a Sigma 17 -70 lens which is surprisingly sharp for a dedicated crop sensor lens, in fact most of my best portraits were taken with the Sigma/7D combo.

Then I bought a cheapy 1000D with a 50mm 1.8 lens. I had plans of getting it Infra-red converted, but those plans sadly fell through and I sold them to a local artist which now he has become a photographer, so something good came of it.

Just recently I purchased a 5D mkII and I can instantly see the difference in quality with the full frame and much better bokeh etc. I got it for a good price and some extra gear with it. In my opinion its a great upgrade to the 7D for quality, but it certainly has focus issues but its awesome for what I use it for.

Due to losing my job a few years back (thanks to the wonderful world economy we have) I have struggled to get the professional gear I want/need and the photography jobs I got, paid for every day things and I never got ahead but now things are hopefully going to turn around. I have a job and I'm working on getting more photography jobs so new gear will be inbound shortly!! :D

As it stands my gear collection is Canon 7D - Canon 5D mkII - Canon 24-105 mm L f4 (x2) - Canon 50mm f1.4 - Sigma 17-70mm

My gear I have in mind for the next purchase is a Canon 70-200mm 2.8L and Canon 24 -70mm 2.8L but as they are ridiculously expensive, cheaper alternatives may have to suffice but we'll see :)

Stay tuned for some more images too, they should be coming in the next few days.