New Addition

I have acquired a new item!

After much thought and research into what gear I need I decided my next lens will be a 70-200mm, but which one?

With the amount of brands that make this lens it was not an easy task, but I eventually decided on the Sigma 70-200mm and I must say I'm pretty happy with the choice.

The Canon was a little better on stats but in the end I could not justify the extra $1000+ on top of what I paid for the Sigma, plus money is tight for everyone so that made my choice a little easier.

The close choice I had came down to the Tamron or the Sigma, both have vignetting (darkening of image edges) but could easily be fixed in Lightroom (editing software) with a simple click so that's not a major issue, but the construction of the Sigma seemed so much better and solid.

The purpose of this lens for me is weddings and portraits. I personally would not consider this lens for bird watching as I feel the 200mm is still a little short on a full frame camera, mainly because you still need to fairly close to fill the frame. I would probably purchase  a 300mm or higher lens for bird watching, but that's not my "thing" so I won't be purchasing something like that any time soon :)

Saying that of course my test shot was of a bird lol, but I was in an aviary at my local gardens and the birds have little to no fear of humans, so I was able to get pretty close.

Anyhoo here is the sample shot. stay tuned as I will be taking some more test shots very soon because I have some downtime photographically so that means play time! :D