Podcast 19/03/15 - Gadgets & Revisiting Old Locations

Today I talk a bout a couple of little things I have picked up to help with my photography and to have a bit of fun and try new things.

I purchased a FOTGA Slim ND fading filter which I will test out and show my results in an upcoming Podcast/Blog.

The other is a trigger for my camera to help keep my images still when doing AstroPhotography, below is an image I have previously done with just using the camera timer.

Also we revisit an old cemetery that has alot of sad history. 


Please enjoy the images I have posted and remember, if you visit places you must respect the property, history and the people involved in it.

One of my first attempts at AstroPhotography 

From my first visit to the cemetery, the engraved stone has since been moved but luckily still there.