Anzac Dawn Service & March

On the 25th April we remembered the soldiers and service people that risk their lives in service to our country but we more importantly remembered those that gave there lives at Gallipoli 100 years ago. I could not imagine what its like to be in the situations that our armed forces have to endure but I am thankful for their dedication and protection.

This was the first dawn service I have been to but it wont be the last, I felt I needed to attend such a memorable time in history as I will take a guess that I wont see the 200 year anniversary...

As far as the photos go I did what I could. My camera does not have the ISO capabilities as the new cameras have but I think it did ok considering how dark it was and the amount of people that showed at the dawn service . The March later on that day was perfect as the weather cleared up just nicely but I only had a slither of view of the march itself so my composition was a little off but I wasn't creating art so much I was documenting the day for my own memory.

Hope you enjoy the images and on a last note, it was good to see younger people coming to the service as it would be a shame for the Anzac memory to be forgotten. Australia might not have a long ancient history as other countries but we definitely can be proud and honour the men and women that helped make it what it is today.